Hi 👋 my name is Thomas and I create digital products.

Currently working from home in Utrecht for Mobiquity.

I’m at my best when there is time to validate and room for user testing. Building quality products together with a team is what I enjoy most. To add to the craftsmanship I like to design (conceptual) animations which you’ll find throughout my portfolio.

My passion for digital design started at the age of 14, when I got my hands on Photoshop and a digital camera. Photoshopping my way into the digital space I felt I could combine this passion with my interests in improving products.

Graduating Human Technology in 2017 and a year later the masters Digital Design.

Things I like to do

Cooking and definitely eating good food. Going to gym to take my mind off. Doing things with friends, like boating through the canals.

Other relevant stuff

Send me an email hello@thomasruitenberg.nl
Check my LinkedIn
Or have a look at my resume